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reproduction windsor and victorian door bolts

We are proud to offer a selection of french door bolts and other door security devices in classic and vintage styles. Our bolt (except for a few internal parts such as springs) are Solid Brass. Extruded or cast using a "Lost Wax" process for strength and detail. If you are interested in our door/window security bars or Speakeasys ( A small port in the door named after their use during the prohibition era ), please click on the associated pictures below)

( This page only lists some of what we offer, For a complete list please visit All Door Bolts".)

French Door Bolt types:
Slide Bolts
Surface mount bolts are frequently referred to as "slide bolts". Some types are also known as french bolts or french door bolt, dutch door bolt, and (depending on installation location) floor, ceiling, top and bottom bolts. Surface mount bolts are (as the name implies) mounted to the surface of the door, and typically operated by a lever, slide, or knob. Currently available in short, standard, long, extra long, and custom sizes. For key operated Surface Bolts please select this link. Door Locks Turns Bolts
Slide Bolts4"8"12"18"24"36"42"
<\a> M1308 M1312 M1318 M1324 M1336
<\a> M1404 M1408 M1412 M1418 M1424 M1436 M1442
    *Custom sizes up to 84" available.
Turn BoltsSurface CatchRim CatchSurface+DialRim+Dial
<\a> ZLW-252 ZLW-253 ZLW-291<\a> ZLW-283<\a>
<\a> ZB-252 ZB-291<\a>
Reproduction Decorative Pattern Bolts
<\a> Windsor Pattern Spring Loaded Latching Floor Bolt ZB-11
<\a> Windsor Pattern Spring Loaded Bolt for use with chain or cord ZB-12
<\a> Windsor Pattern Safety Chain Catch ZB-35
<\a> Windsor Pattern Knob Slide Bolt ZB-45
<\a> Eastlake Pattern Knob Slide Bolt ZLW-231B
<\a> Eastlake Pattern Knob Operated Top Bolt(Long or Short) ZLW-295L/ZLW-295S
<\a> Ornate French Door Bolt ZLW-163FB

Edge Bolts
Edge mount bolts are mortised (Ie Fill a space cutout to hold them) into the doors edge. Usually at the top and/or bottom. Frequenty found on double and french doors the are typically operated by a lever or slide built into the bolt mechanism. Edge mount are usually completely hidden when the door is closed.

Short (Light Duty)1"NarrowVictorian Scroll PatternEastlake Flower Pattern

Cremone bolts (Sometimes referred to as just cremone) are surface mounted top and bottom bolts operated by a common handle or knob.
Basic L-1314
Ultimate ZLW-1FECB
Internal Bolts
Internal bolts are completely hidden inside the door, Exposing only the operator (usually a knob or handle) and the location were the bolt emerges. This type of door bolt is the most common type in modern doors. For key operated Dead Bolts please see our Door Locks.

Extra Short ( 1 1/2" ) L-39XS
Common ( 2 5/8" ) L-39S
Long ( 3 1/4" ) L-39L
Long ( 3 1/4" ) + Dial ZLW-43