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We have Lighting in a wide variety of styles and functions. From ornate, Victorian style chandeliers, to Art Deco ceiling fixtures - the lights in our collection can add elegance to practically any part of your home. Most of our reproduction ceiling lights also have matching sets of wall sconces!

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Looking for Lighting from a Particular Period?

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Victorian lights, art, furniture, decor, & architecture of the 19th century took different forms in each country, but all agreed it was ornate, elegant, whimsical, and graceful. French, Italian, Prussian, and English, Victorian-era designers adored the elaborate curves and nature-inspired patterns.

Think of shells, palm leaves, dragons, and flowers, to see the origins of this romantic Rococo design style . When Victorians tired of classicism's straight lines looked to historic inspiration, they brought it back as Neo-Rococo (1820-1870).

Gothic lighting styles evolved from medieval candle lights of the middle ages between the Romanesque and Renaissance periods.

As wealthy homes and institutions demanded more design, those designs evolved into the plethora of elements we now know as “Gothic”.

Our large vintage Gothic chandeliers and other Gothic Ceiling lights have been designed to match this unique and vintage style.

We are currently in a Gothic design mode and expanding our wonderful offerings to include Gothic wall lights; Gothic wall sconces, Gothic hall lights; Gothic floor lights and Gothic entrance lights. We have many beautiful and exciting designs and molds being created at this very moment.

Mission Revival lights are great with Bungalow, Arts & Crafts , Timberframe, Log, and even rustic contemporary homes. First recognized in California & Spanish architecture, original mission lighting was made of brass or copper. Our authentic Arts & Crafts, and Mission reproductions are a sampling of the long-lasting, top quality Mission style lights from this period.

The height of Mission decor was 1890-1915 - with frequent revivals. Today the best-selling light fixtures for new home construction is Mission or Craftsman lighting.

Les Arts Decoratif, later known as Art Deco, included not only geometric, clean lines of Streamline Modern, but also floral designs derived from Art Nouveau. These can be seen in Fleur de Lis, Devon, and Medieval patterns.

We're known for our dedication to - and passion for - the lighting of the Art Deco era, early 1920's-1939. This category features our top quality authenticated Art Deco reproduction chandeliers and Art Deco sconces.