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Bag Of 12 Period Posts (M-1A)
Price: $20.75
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Polished Brass Finish
Antique Brass Finish
Bag Of 12 Period Posts (M-1A)

M-1A  Polished Unlacquered Brass Bag of 12 Period Posts

M-DK1A  Antique Brass Finish One Dozen Period Posts

If you have the handle or drop, and the backplate, maybe all you need are the posts to make the hardware operational again.  Typically used to hang Victorian drop style furniture knobs, they also have many other applications.

These are extra period style posts with 8/32" threaded rods, which are 1 ¼" long.  A small hex nut is used to snug the post in place.

The heads of the posts measure ⅜" in diameter, and have a 316" hole, which has been drilled all the way through the center and the opposite side.

The base of the post that inserts into a rosette or backplate measures ¼" in diameter.

Sold by the dozen.