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Vintage Recreated Metallic Art Works Very Rare Door Knob (ZE-001)
Price: $175.50
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Vintage Recreated Metallic Art Works Very Rare Door Knob (ZE-001)

ZE-001 Reproduction Metallic Art Works Very Rare Door Knob #1 

Rare...rare. What constitutes the rarity of anything ? Supply and knowledge of the event. We have reproduced a rare doorknob for your contemplation.

MCCC (Metallic Compression Casting Co.) sold out to R&E (Russell & Erwin, also fine manufacturers) lock; stock; & barrel. After the buy out, the old managers of MCCC thought they could pull a fast one on R&E. They formed a new company called "Metallic Art Works" and promptly produced this knob, No.1 thinking that they could sell the rights to their old knobs and just start again with new patterns.

R&E did not agree. They filed suit and in a judgement, all knobs were recalled and dies destroyed. This is, as far as we know, the only knob they ever made. We numbered our reproduction 001 in honor of its being killed off, and as it was their first, and only, stock number.

Cast using the Lost Wax method in silicon bronze, lacquered to preserve the fine color. This knob is sold by each.Connecting square threaded rod spindle (not included) or extra long 5" spindle may be ordered separately.

Diameter 2 1/4". Projects 2 1/8".

We offer an extensive selection of Victorian doorknob roses and doorknob backplates in many styles to suit this doorknob. To match this doorknob, order Antique Brass Finish door plates.

How far from the edge of the door is the center of your doorknob? Thisis the backset, and determines which latch or mortise lock you use. Fora 2 3/8" backset, we offer a tubular latch , and a privacy tubular deadbolt latch option. Very narrow panel doors or doors with lots of glass may need a 1 3/8" backset passage latch .

If you prefer a full mortise lock with key function and mortise lock with privacy turnlatch function , we have 1 3/4", 2 1/4" or 2 5/8" backset. If you also need a turnlatch knob, we have an oval knob turnlatch , and the popular crescent shape turnlatch.

We also make a lovely Windsor door>platewiththe turnlatch included. 

Some of our most popular rosettes for use with this knob are:




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