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Art Deco Bakelite Black 1" Cupboard Latch (ZJ-170)
Price: $20.15
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Art Deco Bakelite Black 1

ZJ-170  Black 1" Bakelite Art Deco Cupboard Latch Hardware Reproduction

These have not been offered since 1930!  Real Bakelite cupboard latches.


  • Octagon Knob:  1" diameter across the flats, and protrudes 1".
  • Rosette Diameter:  1 916" (just a hair over 1 ½")
  • Hook protrudes 1 58" from the back - long enough for the thickness of a door and to reach a shelf.
  • Catch:  ½" wide by 1 ½" long.

Put the catch on the top of the shelf, or bottom, depending on how you rotate the latch.  Metal that can be seen, after installation (even the hook), is solid brass.

Available in five colors:  Black; Blue; Green; Red; or Caramel.  Try a variety of colors in one installation for a kick of color!


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