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Real Plaster Ceiling Medallion Ivy Swag Design 25" Diameter (ZK-11)
Price: $145.00
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Real Plaster Ceiling Medallion Ivy Swag Design 25

ZK-11  Ivy Swag Design Plaster Ceiling Medallion 25" Diameter

Pottery Plaster Hand Cast ceiling medallion.  This medallion features drapery and tassels, which form the interesting shape in the center.  Between the drapery sections are clearly formed ivy leaves.  The outer ring contains swags of acanthus.  This medallion would be beautiful when painted to match your draperies and furnishings!  Depth of 4 1/2" gives it great presence.

The second photo shows this medallion close up hand painted in bronze color.  You can paint your medallion to accent your decor and light fixtures.

Click here for instructions on hanging our plaster ceiling medallions.


Diameter:  25"

Thickness:  4 1/2" at the fullest.

Weight:  21 lbs. each.

Save on Freight!  Up to three medallions can ship on one pallet, so if you are ordering more than one medallion, you can benefit from great savings on freight.  When ordering a large chandelier, the medallion can sometimes be included in the freight pallet.  We will confirm actual freight charges for you when shipping both a chandelier and medallion.


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