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Circa 1900 Occupied/Open Bathroom Surface Privacy Latch - Choice Of Finish (ZLW-291)
Price: $125.00
Options: Polished Unlacquered Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Nickel Plated
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Pewter Finish
Circa-1900-Occupied/Open-Bathroom-Surface-Privacy-Latch-(ZLW-291) Circa-1900-Occupied/Open-Bathroom-Surface-Privacy-Latch-(ZLW-291)

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ZLW-291  Polished Brass Antique Reproduction Sargent Privacy Latch

ZLW-DK291  Antique Brass Finish Sargent Privacy Latch

ZLW-N291  Nickel Plated Sargent Privacy Latch

ZLW-OB291  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Sargent Privacy Latch

ZLW-PW291  Pewter Finish Sargent Privacy Latch

This latch has a "turn knob" latch for the inside of the door, connecting to an indicator dial for the outside of the door.  The indicator dial turn says 'OCCUPIED' in the locked position, and 'OPEN' in the unlocked position.

The original Victorian version was made by Sargent, circa 1900.  The internal mechanism has been improved from the original version.  This latch has springs and positive latch points, and comes with a steel connecting square shaft, with cut-point marks on it for various door thicknesses.  Supplied with a surface catch.

Steel shaft supplied.  Available in five different finishes.

Latch size:  2 716" wide by 2 516" tall.

Catch:  916" wide & 2 516" tall.

Bolt shoots 716".

Dial of ZLW-291 is 2 ¼", but screw flags make the height 3 ¼".

This set can accommodate doors up to 2" thick.

Have a thicker door?  We can customize this set for your project needs.  Please contact us for pricing.





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