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Brass Curtain Or Shower Rod 6 Ft Long With Mounting Ends (ZM-1872)
Price: $124.80
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Mounting Options:
Rod Only - NO ENDS
Rod with T-R3 Flange Ends
Rod with T-R1 Rounded Ends
Brass Curtain Or Shower Rod 6 Ft Long With Mounting Ends (ZM-1872)

ZM-1872T  Curtain or Shower Rod Only (Pictured with Curtain Rings, Sold Separately)

ZM-1872A  Curtain or Shower Rod with T-R3 Flange Ends (Use as shower or curtain rod.)

ZM-1872B  Curtain Rod with T-R1 Rounded Rod Ends

This is a fine 1" diameter armoire, shower, or window curtain rod that is a 6 ft long all-brass tube.

Comes with choice of brass end mounting style.  Use the menu above to select either the rod only, or a choice of a rod with two mounting ends.  Choose from a rounded end that gives room for a thick curtain, or a flange style such as a shower curtain uses.  (See T-R3 and T-R1 for illustrations.)

Does not rust!  This rod can be used for room window curtains, shower curtains, or for use inside of a wardrobe.

Rod can be trimmed.  Our customers looking for a very long towel rod have also used this for custom lengths.

Curtain rings pictured are sold separately.  To order our solid brass curtain rings, see C-R1 for 2" inside diameter, or C-R2 for 2 ½" inside diameter.  For hooks to attach to the curtain, click here.

Due to its length, this item requires special shipping.  Our shopping cart estimates freight, and we invoice for actual freight.  Save on shipping by combining products into one order.


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