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222 Series Close Ceiling Light Mounting Kit (222-2L-PB)
Price: $135.00
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1L Polished Brass
1L Antique Brass Finish
1L Nickel Plated
1L Oil Rubbed Bronze
2L Polished Brass
2L Antique Brass
2L Nickel Plated
2L Oil Rubbed Bronze
3L Polished Brass
3L Antique Brass
3L Nickel Plated
3L Oil Rubbed Bronze
4L Polished Brass
4L Antique Brass
4L Nickel Plated
4L Oil Rubbed Bronze
222 Series Close Ceiling Light Mounting Kit (222-2L-PB)

222- Series Light Reproduction Close Ceiling Light Mounting Kit

Perfect for displaying your antique glass ceiling bowl!  With 16 different variations in this series, a correct model can be found to do the job for almost any antique ceiling bowl with a hole in the center of it.  Used for small bowls of 10” diameter up to about 16”, this is a very versatile lighting device.

Choose a finish:  we stock a lovely Unlacquered Polished Brass (PB); a mood setting Antique Brass Finish (DK); a shiny Nickel Plated (NP); and the popular Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish (OB).  Those two letter designations are added to the stock number to determine finish.

For further selection, choose how many light bulbs you wish the ceiling bowl to have.  The 222 series has a selection of 1 bulb, 2 bulb, 3 bulb or 4 bulb centers, each socket capable of holding a 100 watt incandescent bulb.  You will, of course, need to consider the size of your antique or contemporary bowl shade to allow room for more bulbs.

Please note:  Price is for the fixture only.  The fixture in the picture has a shade to illustrate how this fixture is used and what the final result may look like with your own shade.

Here is a list of possible finish choices and their stock numbers:

One Socket Fixtures
 222-1L-PB  Polished Brass 1 Bulb Fixture
 222-1L-DK  Antique Brass Finish 1 Bulb Fixture
 222-1L-NP  Nickel Plated Finish 1 Bulb Fixture
 222-1L-OB  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 1 Bulb Fixture

Two Socket Fixtures
 222-2L-PB  Polished Brass 2 Bulb Fixture
 222-2L-DK  Antique Brass Finish 2 Bulb Fixture
 222-2L-NP  Nickel Plated Finish 2 Bulb Fixture
 222-2L-OB  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 2 Bulb Fixture

Three Socket Fixtures
 222-3L-PB  Polished Brass 3 Bulb Fixture
 222-3L-DK  Antique Brass Finish 3 Bulb Fixture
 222-3L-NP  Nickel Plated Finish 3 Bulb Fixture
 222-3L-OB  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 3 Bulb Fixture

Four Socket Fixtures
 222-4L-PB  Polished Brass 4 Bulb Fixture
 222-4L-DK  Antique Brass Finish 4 Bulb Fixture
 222-4L-NP  Nickel Plated Finish 4 Bulb Fixture
 222-4L-OB  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 4 Bulb Fixture

200 Watts to 400 watts Incandescent.