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42" French Marseille 12 Light Art Deco Slip Shade Chandelier in Antique Brass Finish (650-12L-DKX)
Price: $4,750.00
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Shade Options:
Frosted Glass Shades & White Mica
Amber Glass Shades & Amber Mica

Since photos sometimes can not tell all, we have made a video of this fixture, along with some information of the work that went into this project. 

650-12L-DK1  Marseille Art Deco Chandelier in Antique Brass Finish with Frosted Glass Shades & White Mica

650-12L-DK2  Marseille Art Deco Chandelier in Antique Brass Finish with Amber Glass Shades & Amber Mica (shown)

A serious two years of design have gone into creating one of the greatest deco chandeliers on the market today.  (see a fraction of the design process picture for interest).  As an addition to our French Marseille Art Deco Series this fine chandelier uses the same Marseille Series shade but is a much larger and a most impressive offering.  Its stock number is 650-12L and is available in a darkened brass finish (Illus); or polished brass; and has even been cast in white metal (650-12L-ZN) for Deco period appeal.

This chandelier has a diameter of 42" and a standard 33 1/2" in height.  This height could be changed to longer or shorter to suit various installations.  Be sure of your does weigh in at approximately 100 lbs.  This large 12 light chandelier can be used with either incandescent bulbs or our energy saving LED light bulbs.  Each of the 12 sockets is capable of a 100 watts or greater wattage bulb, so significant lighting results can be achieved.  To liven up the body of the chandelier, small windows were created in the bottom of the light to receive Mica inserts.  These Mica inserts can be amber mica or white mica depending on your choice.  We assumed that folks who like the amber shades would also like the amber mica inserts....and those folks who wished frosted shades would prefer white mica,  but when we tried frosted shades with amber mica inserts, that was quite nice too.  The choice is totally yours.  This is the only Art Deco slip shade chandelier of this size and scale on the market today.  It has been two years in development and we are very pleased with the result.  We hope you will also find it pleasing. 

Price:  $4,750 plus shipping.  Comes complete with the 12 shades, choosing either frosted or amber color and the mica inserts: amber or white mica.

Measurements: diameter 42", height 33 1/2", canopy is10" at widest point and is 8 1/2" at narrowest point.



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