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LED Diffused and Dimmable 7Watt LED Recessed Can Light (827-001-X)
Price: $36.50
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LED Kelvin Temperature Options:
Warm White 2700K LED Light
Bright White 5000K LED Light
Add Switch:
Lutron CL Dimmer Switch (CL96-101)
LED Diffused and Dimmable 7Watt LED Recessed Can Light (827-001-X)

827-001-27  Warm White 2700°K Diffused Dimmable LED Can Light

827-001-50  Bright White 5000°K Diffused Dimmable LED Can Light

These recessed LED "Can" lights have a diffused lens, which gives a nice smooth light.  No blaring points of LED light; just a lovely diffused panel in place so the LED "points" cannot be seen.

These are all dimmable units.  There are special dimmers for LED lighting.  We recommend using Lutron CL LED dimmers.  See the menu above for adding this dimmer option.

Diffused and dimmable LED can lights for Retrofit or New installation.  Ready to go.


  • 7 Watts LED Power Yields 600 Lumens...equal to 75 watts of incandescent light.
  • Overall Size:  2 58" deep; 4" diameter collar.
  • Install in a 3 ¼" (82 mm) hole.
  • Normal Household Current.
  • 85 volt to 265 volts of service.


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