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Large Outdoor Antique Figural Sconces (ANT-262)
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Shade Options:

Ball Shade
Acorn Shade
Frosted Flame Shade
Amber Flame Shade
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ANT-262 Antique Sconce with Shade Variations
We bought eight of these fantastic, very large, outdoor lights from one estate.  They are simply a wow for impressions.  Made from a brass/bronze material, they do have a mixed reddish bronze finish and the detail for these old castings, meant for outside,  is pretty good with some age considerations.  They do vary a bit as all old castings will.
We have totally rewired these and also added a water protection fitter which helps channel rainwater away.  We changed the poorly designed mounting options and now they mount with 3 lag bolts that have decorative theft deterrent caps.   You can see the 3 caps, that go over the lag bolts, on the back plate.  There are three of them.
These sconces are big and heavy and get bigger and heavier with the shades that are chosen to go with them.   Two of these options use a 6” fitter shade while the flame or torch shade, uses an 8” fitter that we need to make for each light purchased.
Measurements:  The backplate is 21” tall by 9” max wide before shades are added.  The light protrudes 15” before shades are added.  Each shade option changes these measurements as follows:
ANT-262-50 has a 12” diameter ball shade.  It’s height now becomes 25” with a projection of 17 1/2” and the width of the shade which is 12”.
Price:  $1,350.00 plus shipping.  This does include the shade.
ANT-262-157 has a final height of 27” tall by 10 1/2” wide and a 17” projection.  Price:  $1,350.00 plus shipping.  This does include the shade.
ANT-262-FLM is simply for folks who desire an outrageous flame shaded architectural light and have funds budgeted for it.  This shade is pretty expensive and the fitter has to be changed from a 6” fitter to an 8” fitter.  But the results are rather superb.
The shade, by itself,  is 17” tall with a diameter of about 10”.  Using this shade, the resulting fixture becomes 30”tall by about 10”wide and projects 16”.  We can coat the shade for an amber appearance if desired.  Price:  $1,850.00 plus shipping.  This does include the fantastic giant flame shade either frosted or amber treated (ANT-262-FLMAMG).


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