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Art Deco 6 Shade Antique Chandelier by Markel (ANT-344)
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ANT-344  Art Deco 6 Shade Antique Chandelier by Markel

Top of the line, Markel produced circa 1930's, cast iron chandelier with a dark red bronze finish.  A true high end quality original cast iron antique frame with a lovely reddish bronzed finish.  Circa 1930 by Markel.

This 6 shade chandelier was top-of-the-line.  Markel 8800 series of slip shade lighting used this style of shade...and only one family of lights did use this shade.  Markel did not give names to his series of lights, only numbers.  So, this chandelier had the number 8836, which was a 7 light (socket) chandelier with six shades.  Absolutely the top of this 8800 line.  The bottom shade has two sockets for two smaller bulbs.

The bronzed finish is simply superb.  This fixture is in oh-so-near-mint condition.  The shades are simply in fantastic condition.  The only thing that might be worth noting is that the bottom shade has just a slightly different hue than the slip shades.  This is a common occurrence with 6 shade fixtures, since the glass slip shades and bottom shade were usually made at different times, in different molds by different glass workers, but this should still be noted.

Measuring 30" tall, with a diameter of about 20" from shade tip to shade tip, this is truly a magnificent offering.  The decor of this chandelier is simply stunning.  If you have been holding back for that truly outstanding piece, we believe that this could be it.

To make it better, please note that this antique fixture has been completely rewired with new sockets, and new wire, and is ready to hang.  A new three way switch, to replace the old one, was installed so you can directly control the fixture from the light itself.  The switch will allow you to turn on the sockets in the bottom shade only, or all of the slip shades only, or everything all at once...and of course--off.  There are three “on” positions with this switch as well as “off”.  Many folks simply use chandeliers, with this 3-way option switch, in the “all on” position selected.

A full mounting crossbar set will be included with this chandelier.

A note about the pictures...while there is a slight difference in the bottom shade from the side slip shades, they are ALL a light amber color.  The 5 slip shades that surround the fixture DO match perfectly, and are all a light amber color.  Where those greens and strange other colors came from (in our pictures), can only be explained by Nikon or a professional camera person, of which, we are not.  We assume it had something to do with using incandescent light bulbs and then different media flood lights.  Best shade color picture probably is the close-up finial picture.

Price:  $1,650.00 plus careful packaging and shipping.




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