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Very LARGE and important Pair of sconces with antique french shades (ANT-400)
Price: $1,250.00
Call to request similar.

Call to request similar.

Very LARGE and important Pair of sconces with antique french shades (ANT-400)


Very LARGE and important Pair of sconces with antique french shades.
(we actually have four sconces --2 prs -- but are selling one pair at a time)
We have re-made the frames for these shades as the original one we had looked like
it had been run over by a truck.   Still from the parts we rescued and the carving
we accomplished...a great result was finally achieved.
The shades date from about 1920-30 and are some of the finest of french glass making.
They are about 3/8” thick at the edges...really beautiful glass.
The glass shades are fully and deeply embossed with the flowers protruding
from the surface and the diamond edges nicely embossed.
We actually received five of these shades.  We also experimented with some
amber glass dye, on the one shade that was broken, which gave us some interesting results.
We toyed with the idea of making the shades if you like this idea...perhaps
we could do that for you.
We carefully considered the placement of the candelabrum sockets since the original backplate
was missing all hints of the previous arrangement.  After experimenting with types
and arrangements of candelabrum sockets,  we settled on a 3 socket arrangement which
highlights the rose & floral decor and fills in the bottom of the shade which often is
left dark in other sconces.  Candelabrum sockets are required due to the limited interior
of the sconce.  Totally wired in our UL shop.
We recommend our small candelabrum LED bulb,  35C-E12, for very nice ambient
light and the durability of LED lighting.  Each bulb only uses 1.6 watts but produces
light equal to a 25 watt incandescent bulb.----
Measures:   An impressive LARGE 14” tall by 11 1/2” wide.  They
project into the room 3 1/2” at that center large rose but less in other place.
$ 1,250.00  for one complete pair of sconces (as shown)... plus careful shipping.