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Large Bare Bulb Antique 1920's Bank Chandelier (ANT-454B)
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ANT-454B  Large Bare Bulb 1920s Bank Chandelier

1920s bank light, which is timeless, encompassing multiple styles...Deco...Edwardian...Arts & Crafts.   Going onto the net and looking up 20s banks and commercial buildings, this type of light will often be found in several of those old pictures.  Where did they all go?  We have found very few indeed.

We were fortunate to obtain five of these fantastic original bank or commercial building lights.  Four of these sold...this is the LAST ONE!!

The metal is steel and iron, with some minor brass elements, all finished out in an old gold finish.  Naturally, with time, this old gold has become like a worn Persian carpet...i.e...a bit muted and a little thin here and there.  But...being purists at heart, we are NOT re-doing the gold, and leaving it as "cleaned up a little."  It is an antique after all.


  • Large Rim:  20 sockets, with a diameter of 48 ½".
  • Small Rim:  4 sockets, with a diameter of 18".
  • Height:  55" (as is), but can be shortened by as much as 15" if desired. also can be lengthened to any length.

Completely re-wired to UL standards in our UL shop, with new bakelite sockets.   Each socket capable of a 100 watt incandescent bulb.  We only put a 40 watt bulb into each socket, but much larger wattages of globe light bulbs are available if a total of 960 watts is not deemed sufficient.  Bulbs do come with the fixture.

When this fixture was originally built, there was not much of a UL to speak they played fast and loose with the wiring.  But, we are a UL shop, and cannot do that.  So, in the re-wiring of this antique, we separated the lights into three circuits, and added a ground wire for the internal wire used.  All three circuits come together in the canopy where one #12 wire unites the three circuits for installation.  All new porcelain sockets were installed...but...we used the old-antique outer porcelain colored rings for appearance.  So now this item is truly up to modern code, but has the complete look of the old fixture.  A heavy duty mounting kit will be supplied.

Simply a great find for that classic ambiance returned.   And...from five original chandeliers...this is the LAST ONE!!

Price:  $2,450.00, plus freight shipping costs.



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