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Edwardian Cast Composition Plaster Ceiling Bowl Chandelier Lights (ANT-504)
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ANT-504  Original Antique Cast Composition Plaster Edwardian Ceiling Bowl Light Fixtures

At the turn of the century, there was a continued serious move to design fancier and fancier theaters, restaurants, and financial institutions.  A fast method to mimic classical Greek and Roman carved marble magnificence was fine plaster work. Workers were often imported from Europe for their skilled working with molds and structures that graced historical buildings there. This was a true artistic craft that has since been mostly lost.  During its heyday, though, American workers also learned these skills and produced some equally fantastic items all on their own.

Even today, as companies of conscience restore the plaster work in historical buildings, we marvel at the beauty and wonderful effect of a simple moldable material that can achieve such beauty when manipulated by a skilled craftsperson.

During this time, lovely cast industrial plaster chandeliers were also produced to match the like columns and friezes that adorned elaborate interiors.  This group of ANT-504 are such fixtures. Naturally, being made the way they were, most did not survive the misguided modernization process...being dropped from the ceilings and destroyed on impact...or they were simply scrapped as old fashion.  A shame really...but so antiques and our history goes.

Fortunately, we have EIGHT of these matching chandeliers from an estate in New Rochelle, New York.
Update:  SOLD OUT

While they do show their age with slight bumps and bruises, they are still very unique antiques that deserve to be re-installed in historic buildings for a great indirect lighting affect.

We have restored them to their original antique-gold finish.  This is NOT the garish European gold, but the original American finish, which had a bit of black and red there-in.  It is a muted affect that is original.  And yes, our mold maker (who makes our plaster medallions), did make some structural improvements on a case-by-case basis.  They look good.


  • Diameter:  Slightly over 24"
  • Height:  38" from the ceiling to the bottom of the finial.  Hang height can be adjusted to various lengths for your project.  Please contact us for pricing.

These are NOT lightweight chandeliers.  These chandeliers were used in manor homes, commercial buildings, and theaters, as well as other places where strong INDIRECT light was desired, instead of light bulbs glaring down at you.

The image inside the bowl shows 6 medium base, normal E26 sockets on 3/8nps pipe...all of which...are original.  We have only changed the final porcelain socket face to make them UL approved and safe after all these years.  Of course they have all been re-wired in our UL shop.

You note the undersize bulbs in place.  For pictures only.  We estimate that each socket could contain a 300 watt bulb, or even a touch larger.  With new LED technology, large corn bulbs could also be used to great affect.  For California, we could wire for GU-10 or G24 bulbs to comply with Title 24.  Just needs a bit of thought.

We have completed two out of the eight bowls we have, and the remainder could be finished in 10 days if multiples are desired.

ANT-504 Antique Chandelier:  $895.00 each complete as shown, plus shipping charges.  If multiples are purchased, pallet shipping is best due to the weight.  Designed to be connected directly to a UL approved electrical box that can hold weight.  No plastic types.



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