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Art Deco Antique Chandelier with Slip Shades by Frankelite Circa 1933 (ANT-518)
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ANT-518  Antique Art Deco 5 Light Slip Shade Fenwick Chandelier c 1933

Authentic Art Deco, Slip Shade, polychrome painted 5 shade chandelier, Circa 1933.  The finish, while being cleaned up a mite, is original, and simply beautiful to the max.  Hard to find a much nicer antique slip shade chandelier than this one.  Wonderful condition!

The shades are simply a treat and in remarkable condition.  Probably made by Consolidated Glass, or another quality glass house.

Since we are curators of the only American Art Deco Museum (see, we can tell you a bit about this light.  It was made by a firm in Cleveland, Ohio called The Frankelite Co.  They had a logo which was a stylized "F" in a diamond device, and issued their products under the trade name of Diamond Lighting Equipment.

This chandelier was part of their "Fenwick Series" Model 1255.  The catalog says it has a spread of 21", but they actually rounded that figure up from 20 ½".  Very little is known about Frankelite, which was a rather small firm.  We have a few examples of their work, and they are always rather unique and attractive stand-alone lights.  The name and date of these fixtures has been verified by literature from the company as 1933.


  • Height:  31" (This fixture can be lengthened by adding chain links.)
  • Diameter:  Approximately 21", as previously mentioned.

The chandelier has been totally rewired with high grade sockets and new central lead wire in our UL shop.  Capable of up to 100 watts per socket, for a total of 500 watts.  However, if the decision is made to use incandescent light bulbs, we recommend using no higher than 60 - 65 watts to protect the fragile slip shades from excessive heat.  Greater light output can be achieved using cooler compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs.

Price:  The completely re-wired UL antique chandelier by Frankelite is $1,250.00 plus careful shipping.



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