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Art Nouveau Antique Large Peacock Bird Figural Bare Bulb Wall Sconce (ANT-563)
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ANT-563  Silverized Old Brass/Bronze LARGE Figural Peacock Sconce

Sometimes, its just a bit difficult to describe a unique object to sufficient clarity.  This item just might qualify.

Made as a total "look-at-me" item, it is a wonderful French casting of a peacock with a remarkable cast tail.  The tail has five light sockets for emphasis, and perhaps even could be used as an outstanding mood or night light for a large room.

There is only one.

When this item came to us, it had old fashioned English circa 1920s sockets in it for bayonet pin bulbs.  This simply would not do.  So...we gutted the electrical sockets, and installed American chandelier sockets inside the original mountings to take American candelabra bulbs.  This was accomplished in our UL shop, so the utmost care is assured.  However...normal light bulbs would put a point of light right into your face, and that wouldn't do either.  So we installed mirror top bulbs which direct light out to the sides at 180°, and projects none of the light into your face. These bulbs are called Silver Crown Globes, and are made by Satco (stock numbered S3246). We think this bulb gives an outstanding effect.  We will supply these bulbs, as pictured, with the light.

The castings are outstanding.  As you can tell from the picture taken with Michael (of our UL shop), the sconce is quite large.

The finish is the old fashioned silverizing, which was so popular with the British and Art Nouveau markets.


  • Height:  22"
  • Width:  18 ½"

French and British lighting did not use American electrical boxes, so this sconce was never designed for it.  To make it screw into an American electrical box, we would have to drill a mounting hole through the tail-fan, and we simply could not bring ourselves to this.  So...we left the French mounting loop on the back.  The mounting will be by this loop from a substantial hooking device you install.  It is a heavy sconce, so the hanging device should be mounted into a strut or beam behind your drywall.  Our idea would be to place the center of the figure over an electrical box for the electrical connections, and then calculate the best place to put the loop.

But...a second option does exist.  This could also be created as a table display with the addition of a backing stand of some reliable type.  Whichever way it is is truly unique and wonderful, and will be a strong conversation piece without doubt.

$1,850.00 for this complete, UL re-wired Unique Peacock Silverized Bronze Sconce, plus careful packaging and shipping.



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