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Antique Art Deco Wall Sconces Pair of Virden Slip Shade Lights 1930s (ANT-709)
Price: $1,350.00
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Antique Art Deco Wall Sconces Pair of Virden Slip Shade Lights 1930s (ANT-709)

ANT-709  Very Scarce Virden Art Deco Chateau Sconces

Being reluctant to use the word rare, since it is way overused in the antique business, let's just say that these sconces are very scarce indeed.

Virden made them circa 1930 - 1935. They called the TWO fixtures that were in this line: Chateau (i.e. the Chateau Line).  In only a few of their catalogs of that age is there ONE page that shows ONE chandelier (with two mounting options) and this sconce.  That's it.  Only two items in the line.  Made in very limited numbers, this pair of sconces is very uncommon indeed. Information courtesy of the Kelly Art Deco Light Museum.

The frames were always cast iron with what Virden called a Bank Bronze Finish.  Bank Bronze is a red bronze finish with darkened accents.  The finish of these sconces is gorgeous.

The shade is a delicate muted amber, and MUCH taller than almost every other slip shade of the slip shade era.  Virden also offered an opal shade, which they called Ivory, but our sconces came with these lovely muted amber shades.

Virden was a larger company, so we do not know why this Chateau line is so scarce.  Perhaps they dropped it during the Depression...perhaps there was a problem with the larger size of the shade for the smaller 20s-30s apartments of the era...or in the making of them due to their glass size. We just know...scarce.  These are the very first Chateau sconces that we have ever sold.  The only other known sconce and chandelier are in the Kelly Art Deco Light Museum.


  • Height:  12 ¾"
  • Width:  6 ½"
  • Projection:  4 ¼" from the wall into the room.

Electrical:  These Chateau sconces have been totally re-wired in our UL shop.  New normal sockets for everyday medium base bulbs have been installed in each sconce, along with a new rotary switch of the original kind.  The sconces mount with one normal mounting all-thread to a normal electrical box.  All mounting hardware will be supplied.

For the complete pair of scarce Virden documented Chateau sconces:  $1,350.00 plus careful packaging and shipping.