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Antique Art Deco Wall Sconces Set of 4 Slip Shade Polychrome Lights (ANT-804)
Price: $1,650.00
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Antique Art Deco Wall Sconces Set of 4 Slip Shade Polychrome Lights (ANT-804)

ANT-804  Set of FOUR Art Deco Williamson/Beardslee Period Sconces

These sconces are just so close to being mint...with lovely poly-chrome original coloring that it is simply amazing.  Original polychrome colors...near-mint shades...all signed & some with original paper labels too...a great find!

History:  Beardslee bought out Williamson during the Depression.  During the name switchover, you can find sconces and chandeliers with both names put into the castings.  Circa 1930s, the frame was cast and artists handpainted the remarkable variation of poly-chrome colors.  The basic background color is a coppery-bronze.  Accent colors for the designs includes accents of green and pink.  Really quite attractive.


  • Height:  11"
  • Width:  6"
  • Projection:  5" from the wall into the room.

Electrical:  These sconces have been totally re-wired in our UL shop.  A special socket which mimics the original was installed.  These are normal medium base sockets in non-conductive housings.  The sconces mount with one normal sconce mounting all-thread to a normal electrical box from within the case.  All mounting hardware will be supplied.  An Off/On rotary switch has been replaced with an identical one that Williamson/Beardslee used.  It can be seen below the shade.

One downer is that ONE sconce has had some damaged metal in the interior.  Actually...a lip was broken off that holds the socket.  It WAS repaired many years ago with two metal straps, and appears to work fine.  It is NEVER seen when the shade is in does not visually exist, except when you are changing light bulbs.

Real value is to find a matching set of 4 desirable sconces.

Complete Set of Four:  $1650.00 as seen.  Careful shipping is a bit extra.