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Pair Vintage Mythical Griffin or Dragon Creature Double Wall Sconces (ANT-864)
Price: $1,750.00
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Pair Vintage Mythical Griffin or Dragon Creature Double Wall Sconces (ANT-864)

ANT-864  Pair of Outstanding Silverized and Nickel Mythological Dragon Sconces

When received, these had standard European sockets in them, so the origin is a bit of a mystery.  We would guess either German or French by the type of casting and electrical wiring.

Wherever these sconces are from...they are rather outstanding.  Solid silverized griffins with wings, from which a pair of rather nice glass arms radiate with cut crystal shades and drops.  One sconce has had a repair to the neck, as can be seen.  Overall...not that significant, and part of the antique nature of these interesting sconces.

European lights have a strange way of mounting, and some are just a little tricky to change over to American standards sometimes.  But we did it, and now they fit up to an American UL box, although they do project from the wall a bit and do not fit flush against the wall.


  • Height:  18" overall, measured from the top of the shades to the bottom of the bird.
  • Width:  11 ½" maximum.
  • Projection:  11" from the wall into the room.

We have totally re-wired these sconces in our UL shop with American medium base sockets and new supply wire.  They do not, and never did, have switches. That is not necessarily a European custom.  As mentioned, we changed the mounting as well.  It now mounts to a standard American electrical box with a set of side screws attaching to a bracket that is on a standard fitted sub-box that fastens to the electrical box.  A little tricky, but worth the effort, I assure you.  It will come assembled so you can dis-assemble it to see how it all fits together.

Price:  $1,750.00 for this great pair of dragon sconces with cut crystal careful shipping.