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Slip Shade Sconces Pair of Antique Art Deco Wall Lights by Lincoln (ANT-877)
Price: $750.00
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Slip Shade Sconces Pair of Antique Art Deco Wall Lights by Lincoln (ANT-877)

ANT-877  Art Deco Pair of Slip Shade Wall Sconces by Lincoln

A great pair of Art Deco sconces made by Lincoln Mnf Co, Detroit, MI in the mid 30s.

Lincoln called the group that these sconces came from:  The Nile Group Series 8400.  Lincoln's catalog described this series as such:  "Papyrus, Lotus and representations of other objects, which would impress themselves upon you should you drift along with the current of the historical old Nile, are ingeniously worked out in the beautiful aluminum grill work castings, in the soft gold colored glass which hides the bulbs..."  A glowing description from Lincoln...sales techniques don't change much, do they?

The deeply carved shades are gold-amber and in good...remarkable...condition for their age.


  • Height:  11 ½" overall.
  • Width:  5 ½"
  • Projection:  6" from the wall into the room.

Wattage:  These sconces have been completely rewired in our UL shop, with new sockets and rotary switches.  Sockets can easily handle 100 watt incandescent bulbs.  All mounting hardware will be supplied.

Price:  $750.00 for the pair of documented Lincoln Nile sconces, which have been re-wired with their original gold-amber shades.  Shipping adds a bit extra.