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Art Deco Antique Sconces Pair Slip Shade Wall Lights by Consolidated (ANT-883)
Price: $850.00
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Art Deco Antique Sconces Pair Slip Shade Wall Lights by Consolidated (ANT-883)

ANT-883  Fine Art Deco Wall Sconces with Consolidated Lamp Glass Shades

Fine pewter finished sconce frames with the most lovely, amber with clear design, Consolidated Glass shades.

Consolidated Lamp & Glass Company of Coraopolis, PA was one of America's finest glass makers before and during the Great Depression.  This Martele example is dated between 1931 and 1936.

Unfortunately...Consolidated went bankrupt no less than three times during the Great Depression.  They made outstanding consumer products (i.e. vases, bowls, etc.) and most outstanding shades and lighting.  And everything that they made was the absolute BEST quality America had to offer to the world.  Elaborating designs from the French Exposition Des Arts Decoratifs of 1925, they brought out some absolutely wonderful shade designs.  They made shades for their own lighting line, and for other lighting manufacturers too.  They were simply a great company.  And their quality and designs are iconic to their glass house.  This pair of sconces is denoted as a VERY iconic pair of slip shade sconces of the Art Deco era.  They simply are outstanding in glass design.


  • Height:  10 ½" overall.
  • Width:  6 ¾" at the widest point.
  • Projection:  5" from the wall into the room.

We also show a picture of the backplate only, after restoration.  These sconces have been completely rewired in our UL shop with new sockets and old-style rotary switches to conform to UL guidelines.  We rewired these sconces so each socket is capable of accepting a 100 watt bulb...but...we would recommend smaller wattage incandescent or LED bulbs to protect the now older glass shades.

Price:  $850.00 for the UL re-wired careful shipping.