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Art Nouveau or Deco Antique Chandelier 4-Arm French Fixture Ca. 1900s (ANT-884)
Price: $1,850.00
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Art Nouveau or Deco Antique Chandelier 4-Arm French Fixture Ca. 1900s (ANT-884)

ANT-884  Outstanding Art Deco or Nouveau French Chandelier with Art Glass Pattern Shades

Really quite lovely.  Ah, the French...they sure did like their gorgeous amounts of design and elaboration.  And here we see that the glassware just steals the show.

Just magnificent shades.  These shades are simply fantastic.  These hard-to-find carved Deco shades are, in themselves, an item of value.  Often selling for $150 to $250 each (or more), they are getting scarcer by the day.

We have never had a chandelier like this one.  We know they exist, and have seen these shades with One Lights...or desk lamps...but four (?)...pretty darn hard to find...and a first for us.

A fine chandelier that has elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco together in one lovely fixture.  Circa is truly a lovely, and very unique, chandelier.

This chandelier has been completely re-wired in our UL shop with new American sockets and all new wire.  There is one normal socket within each shade, so each shade has the capacity of accepting a 100 watt bulb...but...thinking of the value of these shades...LED bulbs would be a more clever choice for heat considerations.


  • Height:  36" overall.
  • Spread:  28" maximum.

Price:  only $1,850.00 plus careful packing & shipping.  I say "only" because if you have done some French chandelier shopping elsewhere, you will know that some folks are asking upwards of $3,000.00 for a fixture of this type, and often, not as nice as this one.  We're more realistic and believe that fair pricing is best.