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Art Deco Streamline Chandelier 5 Arm Light Fixture by Mid-West Mnf (ANT-585)
Price: $695.00
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Art Deco Streamline Chandelier 5 Arm Light Fixture by Mid-West Mnf (ANT-585)

ANT-585  Art Deco Streamline 5 Light Chandelier by Mid-West Mnf

Fine Streamline Art Deco five shade chandelier...circa 1937 - 1939...made by Mid-West Mnf of North Kansas City, MO.

This is both an attractive chandelier, and an interesting historical development of the Mid-West Chandelier company.  As we emerged from the Deco slip-shade era...manufacturers were scrambling for designs, and yet...wary of the cost factors of the Depression, they tried to use some designs already established.  The stem and canopy of this nice chandelier was taken from the slip shade chandelier series they called:  The Beverly.  And...maintaining Mid-West's renowned quality, this fixture has BRONZE and nickel plated metal elements mixed together for a great quality presentation.  This bronze with nickel highlights finish was as striking during the 30s just as it is today.  It is definitely a contrast that was part of the Art Deco Streamline statement in lighting.

The shades, too, are worth mentioning, since the quality of these is simply nice.  Nice striated sides, with clear glass top rims...they have a gentle cream color is just so nice.  There is some roughness around the fitters, which is so typical after 80 odd years of use...but the presentation just says quality.


  • Height:  23"
    • Can be lengthened by adding more chain.  Please contact us for pricing.
  • Diameter:  19 ½"

Nice original finish and shades.  Places of the finish are a mite an old Persian carpet. The minor metal is showing some of its 80 or so years, but this finish is considered good for this age of fixture.  We could have gone nuts polishing the nickel...but some folks like the mellowness of we left it alone with its age.

This chandelier has been totally re-wired with new sockets and wires in our UL shop, and is ready to go.  We will even supply a mounting kit so you can have it hung-up in no time.

$695.00 careful packaging and shipping.


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