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Eastlake Mechanical Lever Doorbell Set (Z69S2-PB)
Price: $148.20
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Finish Options:
Polished Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Eastlake Mechanical Lever Doorbell Set (Z69S2-PB)

Z69S2-PB  Polished Unlacquered Brass Eastlake Mechanical Doorbell Set

Z69S2-DK  Antique Brass Finish Eastlake Mechanical Doorbell Set

Z69S2-OB  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Movement Mechanical Doorbell Set

This is a lever operated door bell from early America, which predates the similar-looking twist door bell.  Our lever bell is completely lost wax cast in solid brass, which ensures that the bell will last many generations.  This set includes an Aesthetic Movement style palm-press or lever bell operator.

This bell can be mounted back-to-back with the lever operator for direct through-door operation, or used with a chain for offset mounting.  The bell is mounted on the interior side of a door, and is then activated by the lever handle on the outside of the door.

The bell has an outside diameter of 4 3/4"; the mounting screw tabs add an extra 1/2" each.

The overall size of the lever operator is 2 1/4" wide by 4 3/8" tall.

This mechanical doorbell set fits doors up to 1 3/4" thick.