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Elk's Club Electric Pushbutton Doorbell (ZLW-269BL)
Price: $114.00
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Elk's Club Electric Pushbutton Doorbell (ZLW-269BL)

ZLW-269BL  Elk's Club or Deer Head Electric Pushbutton Doorbell

This is a wonderful doorbell for either Elk's Club members, or for anyone who appreciates nature.

The top of this doorbell features an elk's head, and the doorbell push is a bakelite button.

This piece is solid brass, and has been lost wax cast.

It has been finished in an antique finish, then highlighted to bring out the detail.  Lacquered to preserve its patina.

Measurements:  5 1/4" tall x 2 3/4" wide.  Projects from the wall 1 1/4"

The button is rated 1-24V, for standard doorbell circuitry.

The doorbell measures 2 3/4" wide by 5 1/4" tall overall, and projects by 1 1/4".



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