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Gothic Victorian Style Large Antique Pendants Ceiling Lights Fixtures (ANT-520)
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ANT-520  Monumental Pair of Solid Cast BRONZE Gothic Ceiling or Entry Lights

Simply magnificent in their style, size, and workmanship.  They are stunning to behold.
Circa 1910.

We were fortunate that someone was thoughtful enough to have put these treasures into storage. Being CAST bronze, with acrylic window replacements, they are not lightweights.  Better figure about 250 pounds of holding power for installation.  We used our 150kg chandelier lift for the pictures, and we would surely recommend one for a permanent installation.  A strong crossbar will be supplied for mounting.

Having been in storage for years and years, these fantastic lights were an undertaking in restoration and re-wiring.  They have been completely re-wired in our UL shop with a new idea in lighting.  The clusters of old fashioned, inefficient 1900s sockets were removed, and a carousel of SIX LED tubes was installed for an even 360° representation of lighting.  One tube lights each window evenly, instead of visible hot spots that occur with regular light bulbs.  Each LED tube is
4 feet long.  We have shown 3 views of this LED carousel in one picture.  Each 4-foot tube consumes only 23 watts of power, and has an output of 2100 lumens of light.  Side note:  Also complies with California Title 24 energy saving requirements.

These LED tubes can be accessed from the bottom acrylic panel, which is in two parts for separation and access.  The LED tubes are powered from only one end, as is the new UL requirements for LED tubes...and that power is taken off the top of the carousel, as shown in one of the photographs.  A picture of the bottom is also shown, both with and without the acrylic inset so the carousel can be seen, and also how it will be hidden during use.

Yes, the LED tubes are supplied with the light, so a turn-key solution is in hand.

Measurements:   The overall height (as shown) is 106" (8' 10"). could be lengthened by us supplying more tube (might be required in a commercial application) could be reduced by shortening the hex tube to result in an overall height of as little as 72" (6 ft), since the lantern part by itself measures 67" tall, and we need about an additional 5" for the canopy and wiring access.  The maximum lantern width is 27".  The canopy measures 15" at the maximum width, and has a 4 ½" height.  The canopy looks smaller in the photographs...but compared to the just looks smaller.

Price for the PAIR:  $8,500.00 plus careful packing and shipping.  If someone went out to have these made, you would probably would pay at least triple this price...and here...these are even antiques.

Overall Height:  106" (8' 10")

  • Shortest Height Attainable:  72" (6 ft)
  • Overall height can be increased by adding pipe to the stem.  Please contact us for pricing.

Lantern Measurements:  67" (5' 7") tall x 27" (2' 3") wide overall.

Canopy Size:  15" diameter x 4 ½" tall.





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