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LED Wall Washer Light Outdoor Waterproof Sign Illumination (RY-WH-18W)
Price: $145.00
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LED Wall Washer Light Outdoor Waterproof Sign Illumination (RY-WH-18W)

RY-WH-18W  18 Watt LED Outdoor Waterproof Wall Washer, Sign, or Billboard Light For 90VAC- 277VAC

These non-dimmable meter long arrays of LEDs are perfect as all-weather wall washer lights.  Sealed in a waterproof case, these are also popular for billboard and sign illumination.  An array of 18 white 1-watt LED emitters each with it own focusing lens. All wall washers are inspected and hand sealed in a waterproof case prior to shipment.

Produces 1400  lumens in a 30º angle beam. Great for illumination of walls, frontages and signs.

The case is made from aluminum, with a toughened glass lens and sealed to meet the IP65 standard for waterproof lights.

Kelvin Color: 3000ºK white light

Operates in -30ºC to 60ºC environments.

Designed to be daisy chained together...up to 6 can be place on a single circuit.

The second photo shows an underground tunnel with retail stores.   Please note how well the left side wall lights up with our wall washers, making it as clear as daylight.

All wall washers are inspected and hand sealed in a waterproof case prior to shipment.


  • Transformer:  Unlike our other LED lights, this wall washer does not have a separate transformer.  The transformer is built inside...no need to hide or find placement for a separate box.
  • Hard Wiring:  This wall washer is manufactured with two 3' long pigtails on each end.  One side has a male plug; the other side, a female plug.  The purpose for this is for daisy-chaining multiple wall washers together.  If the sign location requires hardwiring, one plug can be cut off, and the light hardwired into the system within a waterproof junction box.  It does not matter if the side chosen for hardwiring is the male or female plug.
  • Outlet Plug:  Our LED wall washers do not come with a plug for an electrical outlet.  If your project requires an outlet plug, an SJT pigtail can be purchased from us or other hardware store. You can also cut off the existing pigtail and wire it directly, however this will make the light non-returnable.
  • Hot & Neutral Wires:
    • Red:  Hot/Live
    • Blue/Brown:  Neutral
  • Daisy Chain:  These lights can be daisy-chained together for a long display.  We recommend no more than 6 units per circuit for a long display.


  • Length:   39 38" long.
  • Width:  1 ½" wide.
  • Overall Projection is 4 ¼" (including the mounting brackets).
  • The case alone projects 1 78", minus the mounting swivel brackets.

Photometric Data:

  • Photometric data can be viewed by clicking HERE.  Save to your computer by right-clicking your mouse over the document, then selecting "Save as..." (or use Ctrl+S).

See Spec Sheet Here


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