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Large Art Deco Ceiling Chandelier LED Tube Task Lighting Fixture (250-PTL)
Price: $875.00

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Lutron CL Dimmer Switch (CL96-101)

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250-PTL  Green Energy Art Deco Style LED Ceiling Light

Continuing to push the cutting edge of green technology, we offer you our first exclusive LED light fixture.  With our passion for the charm of the Art Deco age, it's logical that it's an Art Deco style fixture.  A true breakthrough in green energy saving technology, and in our opinion, an attractive “long surface” or counter light.  Great also for an office, recreation room, or commercial location.

We started with an Art Deco fixture, then installed the latest LED technology into it!  An important attribute is its quality. The best LED tubes are used for this beautiful light.

Each LED tube has 180 LEDs creating 990 lumens of light, but each tube draws only 15 watts of electricity for an output of 100+ watts PER TUBE.  Tubes last about 30,000 hours based upon working environment.

We recommend using Lutron CL LED dimmers.  This dimmer can be added to the order by using the menu above.

Measurements:  The length of the fixture is 26 1/2” and the ends are 11 1/2” wide.  Height from the ceiling is VERY flexible.  The fixture was designed so that the center nickel pipes going between the ceiling canopy and fixture are infinitely variable...up or down.

Standard length of mounting pipes that come with the fixture, are 27” which results in a 34” in height fixture.  However, this fixture can be as short as 8” by trimming each pipe and the internal allthread, equally.

The fixture can have pipes joined together for longer drops.  We can create a fixture with your desired height.

The fixture requires partial assembly.  Canopy size is 7” by 12”.  The fixture mounts to a standard crossbar (supplied) when attached to a standard approved electrical box, with the center decorative finial of the canopy.

We also offer a 2nd design similar in structure to this light.  A larger version is also available, for projects that require fixtures in a larger scale, or for commercial applications.  Each will meld beautifully in a variety of décor, including modern office, or arts & crafts revival.



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