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Lincoln Art Deco Two In One Slip Shade Recreated, Choice of Color (0126G)
Price: $125.00
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Painted Design Glass
Frosted Glass Shade
Amber Tint Glass
Lincoln Art Deco Two In One Slip Shade Recreated, Choice of Color (0126G)

0126G  Lincoln Painted Two in One Slip Shade Reproduction (pictured)

0126GF  Lincoln Two in One Slip Shade Reproduction in Frosted Glass

0126AMG  Lincoln Two in One Slip Shade Reproduction with Amber Glass Tint (pictured here also)

This slip shade was used ONLY on the Lincoln Series 9000 line of Art Deco light fixtures in the 1930's.  While there were a couple of stem options for the 9000 Series, being able to use this shade open end up, or open end down, gave it the "Two in One" title by Lincoln for its flexibility.  The painted shades have a painted design over a molded surface.

Since the shade was made in batches, colors from each "run" could, and did, vary.  Add to that the changes from age, light exposure, and repeated washings, and it's unlikely that our quality reproductions will exactly match your antique shades.  However, it might be the best available substitution in existence for antique fixtures of the 9000 Series.  We recommend replacing all your shades on the fixture, not just those damaged or missing, if matching is important to you.

We are now making this shade available in frosted glass or amber tint, as seen in the photos below.  This gives you a greater choice in the overall look of your room.  Use the drop down menu to select your favorite.

Several of the Series 9000 lights are pictured here also.  If you don't have one of these fixtures, it will not fit.  There is no known 6-light chandelier in this line (that is, a chandelier with a bottom shade).  Lincoln Mfg also made a companion line called "Oriental Reversible" which used a shade with an almost identical hanging method.  Our 0126G will also fit the Oriental Reversible fixtures, but it is not recommended, nor would it look correct to any knowledgeable person.


For more photos of these shades, see our beautiful NEW 9000 Series reproductions, the Two in One Slip Shade Sconce , the Two in One Slip Shade Pendant , and both the Three Light Chandelier , and Five-Light Chandelier .

6 3/4" high overall.

Maximum Diameter:  4 3/4" wide.

The back rectangle for mounting is 2 3/8" wide by 3 3/4" tall.

The mounting hole is 1 1/2" wide by 2 5/8" high.

Measurements may vary a tiny bit from the mold casting method, but all will work with the Series 9000 fixture.