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Stair Carpet Rod Set with Plain Ends For Thicker Carpets (M-17S)
Price: $44.20

Finish Options:

Polished Brass
Antique Brass
Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rod Lengths:

3 foot
4 foot
5 foot

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 Thin Carpet Rod Set with Plain Ends in Polished Brass Finish:

M-PB17K3  3 Foot Rod
M-PB17K4  4 Foot Rod
M-PB17K5  5 Foot Rod

Thin Carpet Rod Set with Plain Ends in Antique Brass Finish:

M-DK17K3  3 Foot Rod Set
M-DK17K4  4 Foot Rod Set
M-DK17K5   5 Foot Rod Set

Thin Carpet Rod Set with Plain Ends in Nickle Finish:

M-N17K3  3 Foot Rod Set
M-N17K4  4 Foot Rod Set
M-N17K5  5 Foot Rod Set

Thin Carpet Rod Set with Plain Ends in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish:

M-OB17K3  3 Foot Rod Set
M-OB17K4  4 Foot Rod Set
M-OB17K5  5 Foot Rod Set

These carpet rods are made for thicker than average carpet. Spacing under the bar is 5/16". The bar itself is 5/8" in diameter.
These fancy knob end brackets measure 1 3/4" x 1 3/4", and are 1/2" thick.

Our Carpet Rod sets are

  Plain End Fancy End
Thin Carpet    M-16S       M-16KS  
Thick Carpet    M-17S       M-17KS  


Since so many of our customers are restoring and repairing existing staircases, we also offer individual components such as the rods only and the end brackets only.



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