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Mission Candle & Electric Chandelier J Shade (602-QJ1-SA)
Price: $985.00
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Butterscotch Art Glass
Green Art Glass
White Art Glass
Mission Candle & Electric Chandelier J Shade (602-QJ1-SA)

602-QJ1-SA  Butterscotch Art Glass J Pattern Shades Mission Candle & Electric Chandelier

602-QJ2-SA  Green Art Glass J Pattern Shades Mission Candle & Electric Chandelier

602-QJ3-SA  White Art Glass J Pattern Shades Mission Candle & Electric Chandelier

Electrical supplies were not always reliable in every location of America at this time, so for about 20 years, high-end chandeliers were made with both gas and electric.  An early "back-up" system! There were two main types of "up" gas fixture.  One was a simple candle tube, as seen here.  The other was a wide flame burner surrounded by a 4" glass shade, which appears elsewhere on this site.

The candle chandelier above is priced as illustrated, complete with the glass candle tubes, and metal shades with a choice of three glass colors, butterscotch, white, or green.  Use the "Options" menu above to select your glass color.


  • Height:  44" tall, but can be shortened to as much as 29" by trimming the tube.
  • Spread:  25" (including shades)
  • Canopy Size:  4 ½" x 4 ½"; 3" deep.

For a longer drop (higher ceiling), use our Mission Extension Kit.  For angled ceilings, use our Mission Style Vaulted Ceiling Kit.


  • Candle Bulbs:  up to 75 watts each, or enjoy energy savings with our LED candle bulbs.
  • Art Glass Shades:  each socket rated for up to 100 watts each.  If using incandescent light bulbs, we recommend a limit of 60 watts.  Try our LED bulbs to save energy.

We make many fixtures that complement this chandelier.  Coordinate your glass shades for a unified effect.  Since the homeowner obviously still had gas lighting, we show a gas newel post light that would light your entry or the hall at the top of the stairs, 276-PNW-GS.  A charming candle sconce is 541-MGE-SA.  Pan lights such as 591-DJ1-CC were fully electric, and thus could be closer to the ceiling than gas.

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