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Mission Gas Candle & Elec J Shade Light (582-DJ1-SA)
Price: $725.00
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Butterscotch Art Glass
Green Art Glass
White Art Glass
Mission Gas Candle & Elec J Shade Light (582-DJ1-SA)

582-DJ1-SA  Mission Gas Candle & Elec J Shade Light with Butterscotch Art Glass

582-DJ2-SA Mission Gas Candle & Elec J Shade Light with Green Art Glass

582-DJ3-SA Mission Gas Candle & Elec J Shade Light with White Art Glass

582-DJX-SA Sechrist of Colorado, around 1910, was one of the first to make the "diamond" or "J" design shade. Fixture comes with art glass for the bottom shades, in butterscotch, green (pictured) or white glass. Use the drop own menu to select your art glass color.

Combination gas and electric fixtures, called transitional lights, were made at the turn of the century and for as long as 20+ years thereafter. Electrical supplies were not always reliable in every location of America at this time. There were two main types of "up" gas fixture. One of the earliest was a simple candletube to replicate candle light, using gas. We use authentically reproduced milkglass candletubes and drip savers.

Priced complete with metal shades & porcelain candletubes. Down sockets are rated well over 100 watts, but to protect the art glass shades we recommend 60-75 watts.

We make matching Mission style fixtures, which are also appropriate for bungalow and Arts & Crafts style homes. You might have had a gas entry or hall light such as 280-MSG-HL . A cutie for small areas such as a hallway or bedside is sconce 541-MGE-SA . If you need a lot of light for a large family room or dining room, try 601-QCX-SA .

Supplied 44" tall (can be shortened to as much as 29" by trimming the tube); Spread of the arms with shades is 25". Extension kits for longer drops and vaulted ceiling kits are available.

Candles use up to 75-watt candelabra bulbs. We recommend 60-75 watts unless using CF bulbs, which are cooler. 300 watts total.