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Outstanding Art Deco Bevelled flat shade Chandelier (ANT-424)
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ANT-424  Outstanding Art Deco Bevelled flat shade Chandelier
Circa 1935,  Flat glass chandeliers were being produced by some very interesting companies during 
the latter part of the 30s and many appear in some very notable buildings i.e.  See the “Images for Myers chandelier Australia” in a Google search.  Many more are sprinkled in Chicago and New York as well
So many elements working together for a fantastic result.
Metal....brass/bronze cast metal.  The castings are pierced and reticulated which is so very hard to do when you are a foundry.  We know...we do this with other less tricky jobs.    The designs are simply gorgeous.
Glass...while frosted,  the panels are also bevelled showing the quality of the fixture...and all of them are in remarkable condition.
Colors...contrasting the natural and aged brass work,  we have an original green finish from the 30’ touch up has been done...just a VERY mild cleaning.  All in all, very striking.
Because our electricians fell in love with this fixture,  they pressured a unique lighting solution.  Because the light WAS so under-lighted (originally),  they wanted to re-wire this lovely chandelier with a California approved LED light solution... which we agreed to...and they have done.   There are now FIVE corn cob style LED light bulbs in the bottom bowl  (10 watts each giving about a 100 watt equivalent) and a nice 27 watt center LED bulb to give the center a very nice presence.   All top of the line quality lighting solution for a top of the line flat panel chandelier.
Measurements: 30" Height, X 17" Diameter
$ 1,250.00  for a very nice complete & re-wired chandelier in original condition except for the addition of state of the art LED lights which are included.... plus careful shipping.


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