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Plaster Ceiling Medallion Mounting Instructions (INSTRUCTIONS)
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Plaster Ceiling Medallion Mounting Instructions (INSTRUCTIONS)


Plaster Ceiling Medallion Mounting Hardware

The middle illustration is a cut-away view of the ceiling medallion (white). Our medallions are reinforced and strengthened with hemp (the straw colored matter inside the plaster medallion). The center illustration shows a ZK-100 series pipe threaded directly through a joist. 

A Canopy is the part of a chandelier or pendant which meets the ceiling, usually decorative. The steel colored area in the illustration is the "pancake box", "pan" for short. The canopy attaches to the pancake box, creating a sturdy support for your lighting.

LP-799   ½” NPS threaded Joist Hanger for our Medallions. Used with our ZK-100 series hangers. These hangers allows for joist mounting with four 1/4" lag bolts. Two lags screw in from the side and then two more come up from the bottom. Solid Brass  Only needs minmal joist exposure.

ZK-100 Series Hangers Here is a simple solution to mounting any of our plaster ceiling medallions. Hanger kits are available in 5 different lengths. Hangers can be used alone or in addition to our LP-799 joist hanger for minimum joist exposure.

Add the thickness of the medallion to the thickness of your ceiling, and the wood that the hanger will go through. This will determine which pipe length to order. Pipes and threads are ½” NPS, so, in a can get a “special pipe” in any hardware store.  The "pancake" box is included.

The brass hickey, in the pan, comes with two adapter threads for either ¼” NPS or 1/8” NPS.  This covers ALL normal lamp mounting threads.
All brass “looking” parts...ARE...solid brass.

Links to the pipes are:
ZK-104 4" Pipe  ZK-105 5" Pipe 

ZK-106 6" Pipe  ZK-107 7" Pipe 

ZK-108 8" Pipe