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Porcelain Knob Passage Door Set (ZP2PSET)
Price: $64.35
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Porcelain Knob Passage Door Set (ZP2PSET)

ZP2PSET  White Porcelain Door Knobs with Gold Trim Passage Door Latch Set

The porcelain doorknobs in this set are actually a one piece "unit" with the rosette.  The set is installed with two mounting screws through the door.  The screws are used to tighten the units together, with the door "sandwiched" in between.  Mounting screws are 2" o/a in length, and are spaced 2 38" c/c apart.

This is an interior non-locking passage set.

Each Set Includes:

  • Two Doorknobs with the Attached Rosettes
  • One Unthreaded Steel Doorknob Spindle
  • One Tubular Passage Latch with Catch Plate


  • Door Knobs:  2 38" diameter, with a projection of 2 516".
  • Rosettes:  3" diameter.
  • Passage Latch:
    • Face Plate:  1" wide x 2 ¼" tall.
    • Backset:  2 38"
    • Latch can be installed by drilling a 7/8" hole, then recessing the wood for the latch face.

Mounting screws for the hardware are included with each set.