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Porcelain Lever Passage Door Set (ZP1PSET)
Price: $57.65
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Porcelain Lever Passage Door Set (ZP1PSET)

ZP1PSET  White Porcelain Lever Handles with Gold Trim Passage Door Latch Set

The porcelain lever handles in this set are actually a one piece "unit" with the rosette.  The cover of the rose "threads off" to reveal the screw holes to mount, leaving a clean installation look.  This is seen in many European doorknob sets.

Levers are spring-loaded to "snap" back to a level position.

This is an interior non-locking passage set.

Each Set Includes:

  • Two Lever Handles with the Attached Rosettes
  • One Unthreaded Steel Doorknob Spindle
  • One Tubular Passage Latch with Catch Plate


  • Lever Handles:  4 ¾" wide, with a projection of 2 38".
  • Rosettes:  2" diameter.
  • Passage Latch:
    • Face Plate:  1" wide x 2 ¼" tall.
    • Backset:  2 38"
    • Latch can be installed by drilling a 7/8" hole, then recessing the wood for the latch face.

Mounting screws for the hardware are included with each set.


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