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Slip Shade Recreated Mid West Soleure Slip Shade (0165G)
Price: $150.00
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Slip Shade Recreated Mid West Soleure Slip Shade (0165G)

0165G  Slip Shade Reproduction for Mid West Soleure Series

Note:  This part number is for the slip shade only...actual fixtures not included.

After two years of working on this project, we now offer one of the finest Art Deco recreations on the market today.  Originally made by MidWest Manufacturing of Kansas City, Kansas in 1935, this company had a remarkable attitude towards the Great Depression.  Their attitude was to make only the best, since there are always folks with money out there, even in the worst of times.

So...for this “Soleure Series“, we adopted a likewise philosophy.  Make it with the best glass shade cast from an original...since there are still discriminating tastes out there in these times, too.

If you have an original Mid West Mfg pendant, sconce, or chandelier, we hope you will appreciate this labor of love to create these replacement shades.


  • Overall Height:  8 ½"
  • Width:  4 716" (at widest point).
  • Projects 4 ½" at the deepest point.

We are also manufacturing the fine bronze Soleure sconce, the Soleure two light pendant, and the Soleure 5 light close chandelier.