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Victorian Close Ceiling 3 Arm Light (80-CCL-TL)
Price: $244.40
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Polished Brass Finish
Antique Brass Finish
Victorian Close Ceiling 3 Arm Light (80-CCL-TL)

80-CCL-TL Light Reproduction Victorian Close Ceiling 3 Arm Light in Polished Unlacquered Brass (Pictured)

80-CCL-DK Light Reproduction Victorian Close Ceiling 3 Arm Light in Antique Brass Finish

Low Ceiling Light is lost wax cast solid brass. In comparison with 456 and 458 which are very nice fancy low ceiling lights, we illustrate our simple 80-CCL-TL. Because its arms are simple curves, this fixture would have been found in the parlor of both cottages and farmhouses at the turn of the century, as well as in the more private rooms of large mansions. Perfect for today's lower ceilings.

"Gas Fixture & Brass Co.", of Cleveland, Ohio cataloged this ceiling light in their catalog of 1910. This light mounts to the electrical box in the ceiling, with a piece of all thread which is threaded into the crossbar (supplied) with the decorative finial.

For older homes that do not have wall light switches, cord pull switches can be added to any light we sell. Please call for a quote on the additional parts & labor you'll need.

Fixture uses 2 1/4" fitter shade. Shades are sold separately. We picture ruby tipped glass shade as a suggestion. The tall Reading Hardware Co light and the pierced brass sconce provide differing wattages and well as heights for lights to fill your space beautifully.

This item requires special shipping.

11" High with pictured shades x 26" Wide. 5" diameter canopy. 2 1/4" shade fitters.

Three sockets up to 100 watts each.