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21 Victorian Brass Rectangular Grilles without Dampers. Select By Size. (ZM-BrassRectNo)
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ZM-210 -- 2.25"x10" hole size 3.5"x12" Outside
ZM-212 -- 2.25"x12" hole size 3.5"x14" Outside
ZM-214 -- 2.25"x14" hole size 3.5"x16" Outside
ZM-408 -- 4"x8" hole size 5.5"x10" Outside
ZM-410 -- 4"x10" hole size 5.5"x12" Outside
ZM-412 -- 4"x12" hole size 5.5"x14" Outside
ZM-414 -- 4"x14" hole size 5.5"x16" Outside
ZM-610 -- 6"x10" hole size 8"x12" Outside
ZM-612 -- 6"x12" hole size 8"x14" Outside
ZM-614 -- 6"x14" hole size 8"x16" Outside
ZM-622 -- 6"x22" hole size 8"x24" Outside
ZM-630 -- 6"x30" hole size 8"x32" Outside
ZM-808 -- 8"x8" hole size 10"x10" Outside
ZM-810 -- 8"x10" hole size 10"x12" Outside
ZM-812 -- 8"x12" hole size 10"x14" Outside
ZM-1912 -- 9.75"x11.75" hole size 12"x14" Outside
ZM-1014 -- 10"x14" hole size 11.75"x15.625" Outside
ZM-1212 -- 12"x12" hole size 14"x14" Outside
ZM-1916 -- 14"x17.875" hole size 16"x20" Outside
ZM-16525 -- 16.5"x25" hole size 18"x26.5" Outside
ZM-MS3B -- 4.625"x7.5" hole size 7"x9.75" Outside
21 Victorian Brass Rectangular Grilles without Dampers. Select By Size. (ZM-BrassRectNo)

These are solid heavy cast brass floor registers produced in a Victorian style.  Since these are all heavy cast grates, their thickness varies between ¼" on the rim to ½" in the center design area. Due to casting and finishing, this varies slightly.  You may need to modify for different mounting applications.

If you would like the ability to control the flow of air coming out of these registers, please see our  size brass registers with dampers.

From time to time, we have been asked to make special sizes.  We can do this for you if you have an original sample that we can cast from.

If you are decorating your home with satin nickel or pewter, we can custom finish any of these registers or grilles to the pewter finish for an additional $30.00.  To order special finishes, please call 360-379-9030.

To save money on freight, order all your registers and grilles at the same time so they can together.