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Cast Iron Floor Ceiling Or Wall Grille Registers Vent - No Damper (ZM-IR-214)
Price: $42.00
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Cast Iron Floor Ceiling Or Wall Grille Registers  Vent - No Damper (ZM-IR-214)

ZM-IR-214  2 ¼" x 14" (Overall size 3 ½" x 16") Cast Iron Grill without Damper

Sizes are listed as the boot (hole) size first, then the overall size of the register.

This is a heavy solid black cast iron Wall, Ceiling, or Floor register / grill / vent produced in a Victorian style.  Since they are all heavy cast grates, their thickness varies between ¼" on the rim to ½" in thickness in the center design area.  Due to casting and finishing, this varies somewhat.

From time to time, we have been asked to make special sizes.  We can do this for you if you have an original sample that we can cast from.  Please allow sufficient turnaround time, and understand that custom casting may cost a good deal more than stock items.

If you would like the ability to control the flow of air coming out of these registers, please see our list of iron registers that are offered with dampers. (ZM-IR-215 for same size)

These grills are available in various sizes.

All grilles have been pre-drilled with countersink holes.  If the mounting holes are not needed for your project, please leave us a note at the "Special Instructions" prompt during checkout.  Grilles without the mounting holes can be provided by special order.  This may result in a longer processing time for your order.