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Please select the desired door plate type.

Knob (or Lever Handle) only and Thumblatch only doors are some of the most common types of doors. Used when the door either doesn't need a lock or has a seperate lock.

Our door plates are available in a wide variety of patterns and finishes for multiple historical periods and styles.

Our door plates are precision cast using the lost wax technique for maximum detail, from actual antique door plates.

Our reproduction door plates are sold individually for use as replacements in the repair and restoration of existing doors or as a decorative accent with new doors when recreating a traditional style.

*For complete door locksets please see our Door Sets.
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  Door Plate For Thumblatch Handle Only
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Victorian-Inspired Lion Head Thumb Latch Entry Door Set with Locking Mortise (ZLW202SET)

Price: $1,270.00
Victorian-Inspired Lion Head Double Door Entry Set (ZLW202SET2)

Price: $2,205.00
Victorian Windsor Pattern Door Plate With Thumblatch 12" Tall (ZB-10TH)

Price: $355.00
Door Rare Victorian Lady Thumblatch By R&E Circa 1870 (ZE-700)

Price: $250.75