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Swing Door Pushplates and Handle Only Door plates

vintage style brass pushplates

handle only door plates
Handle Only Door Plates

Recast from original top quality antiques, you won't be able to tell our lost wax cast reproduction door pushplates from the original. All of our antique reproduction swinging door hardware can be purchased in polished brass, or our hand-applied "antique" finishes, including antique brass, antique pewter, or oil rubbed bronze. Some are offered with a factory-applied nickel finish as well.

If your home is not ornate or Victorian in period, simple design trends include Art Deco push plates , California or Spanish Mission Style hammered copper pushplates, Arts & Crafts, Bungalow, and plain surface solid brass push door plates. In most cases, the pushplate is one component of a matching suite of door plates. All door plates are sold by each.

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Victorian Palladian Bead Handle Only Door Plate 20 1/2" Tall (L-28HO)
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Price: $181.95
Victorian Large Door Plate With Handle 24" Tall (L-42HO)

Price: $195.00
Victorian Windsor Pattern Handle Only Door Plate With 12" Tall (ZB-10HO)

Price: $320.00
Arts & Crafts Hammered Copper Handle-Only Door Plate Pacific Pattern 21" Tall (ZC-102HO)

Price: $364.50
Arts & Crafts Hammered Copper Handle Door Plate Field Pattern 19" Tall (ZC-105HO)

Price: $338.00
Arts & Crafts Hammered Copper Door Plate With Handle Field Pattern (ZC-108HO)
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Price: $338.00
Victorian P&F Corbin Handle Only Door Plate 22 1/4" Tall Polished Brass (ZLW-201HO)

Price: $295.00
Art Deco Door Handle Recreated Choice Of Finish (ZLW-221)
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Price: $285.50
Victorian Amiens Gothic Large Handled Door Plate 22 3/4" Tall (ZLW-275HO)

Price: $385.00
Victorian Griffin Or Dragon Handle Only Door Plate 23" Tall (ZLW-490HO)
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Price: $344.50
Door Art Deco Handle Only Backplate (ZLW-375HO)
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Price: $357.50
Victorian Large Recreated Windsor Door Plate With Handle 15 3/4" Tall (ZB-10LHO)
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Price: $340.00
Victorian Rococo Yale Pattern Handle Only Door Plate 12 1/2" Tall (L-15HO)

Price: $180.85
Art Deco Narrow Beaded Edge Door Pull Handle Door Plate (L-49HO)
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Price: $163.00
Art Deco Pull Handle Door Plate (L-AL51HO)
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Price: $171.00
Art Nouveau Style Pierced Yale Entry Door Plate Handle Only (ZLW-300HO)

Price: $295.00
Arts & Crafts Pull Handle Door Plate (ZLW-379)

Price: $175.50

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