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Home » Hardware » HW Cabinet & Furniture » HW C&F - Knobs Handles & Pulls » HW - C&F Wooden Knobs & Pulls

Oak Carved 7" Desk Handle (B-W1)

Price: $7.35
Oak Carved 5" Desk Handle (B-W2)

Price: $7.35
Carved Oak Leaf Motif Handle (B-W3)

Price: $7.35
Oak Plain 7" Desk Handle (B-W4)

Price: $6.50
Oak Plain 5" Desk Handle (B-W5)

Price: $6.50
Eastlake Drop With Ebony Knob (D-6)

Price: $12.50
Eastlake Design Red Oak Drop (D-6F)

Price: $12.50
Eastlake Drop Temple Style Pull (D-6TP)

Price: $12.50
Wooden Knob With Eastlake Design Brass Top (K-12)

Price: $7.50
1" Wooden Victorian Style Economy Knob (K-15B)

Price: $6.30
7/8" Diameter Oak Victorian Style Knob (K-15C)

Price: $7.93
1 3/16" Diameter Oak Victorian Style Knob (K-15D)

Price: $10.58
1 3/8" Diameter Oak Victorian Style Knob (K-15F)

Price: $11.03
1 5/8" Diameter Oak Victorian Knob (K-15G)

Price: $11.68
2" Oak Victorian Wooden Knob (K-15H)

Price: $12.14
Carved Wooden Handle 5 1/2" Wide (M-26)

Price: $18.50
Hand Carved Wooden Handle 7" Wide (M-27)

Price: $17.50
Hand Carved Handle 7"-Left Hand (M-8)

Price: $18.50
Hand Carved Handle 5"-Left Hand (M-8A)

Price: $17.50
Hand Carved Wood Handle 7" Right Hand (M-9)

Price: $18.50
Hand Carved Handle 5"-Right Hand (M-9A)

Price: $17.50
11/16" Oak Victorian Style Knob (K-15A)

Price: $5.28

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