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Victorian and Rococo Ceiling Lighting

victorian and rococo chandeliers and ceiling lights
victorian and rococo Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights
Victorian Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Flush & Close Mount

Most lights can be built, or modified, to be CA Title 24 compliant. Call for details.

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Bulbs not included
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8 Light Pierced Brass Short Ceiling Chandelier (458-OCC-FC)
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Price: $1450.00
4 Light Pierced Brass Short Chandelier (456-CCL-FC)
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Price: $1150.00
Victorian Close Ceiling Chandelier (335-CCL-FP)

Choice of Fitter Size

Price: $950.00
Pair of Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Antique 1920s Lighting Fixtures (ANT-798)
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Price: $750.00
Antique Edwardian Close Ceiling Light Flush Mount Lighting Fixture (ANT-770)
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Price: $595.00
Empire Style Close Ceiling Light 2 Lamps (92-CCL-PB)
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Price: $520.00
Art Nouveau Victorian Lighting Semi Flush Chandeliers Close Ceiling Lights (337-CH-4L)
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Price: $495.00
Art Nouveau Lighting Semi Flush Pendants Close Ceiling Lights (336-EP)

Price: $350.00
Roosevelt 4 Lamp Semi Flush Mount Close Ceiling Chandelier (444-CCL)

Price: $465.00
Small or Mini Crystal Prism Chandelier Pendant Light Fixture(941-PB)
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Price: $450.00
Roosevelt 3 Lamp Close Ceiling Chandelier (433-CCL)

Price: $435.00
Roosevelt 2 Lamp Close Ceiling Chandelier (422-CCL)

Price: $395.00
Lost Wax Cast Victorian Style Close Ceiling Light Fixture (39-FW-MIN)
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Price: $375.00
Monique Semi Flush Mount Close Ceiling 5 Light (165-CCL-5L)

Price: $345.00
Fancy Victorian Close Ceiling 3 Light Nickel Plated (563-CCL-NP)
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Price: $325.00
1920s Edwardian Close Ceiling Light Fixture Semi Flush Mount Lighting (ANT-797)
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Price: $325.00
Edwardian Style Flush Mount Close Ceiling Fixture Antique 2-Light (ANT-815)
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Price: $325.00
Art Deco Flush Mounted Close Ceiling Light Replica (134-CCL-1L)

Price: $292.50
Monique 3 Light -No Shades- Fancy Close Ceiling Light (163-CCL-CH)

Price: $275.00
Victorian Fancy Close Ceiling 2 Light (562-CCL-NP)
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Price: $275.00
Flush Mounted Close Ceiling Light (14-CL4-DK)
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Price: $255.00
Victorian Close Ceiling 3 Arm Light (80-CCL-TL)

Price: $244.40
Victorian Close Ceiling Light Fixture (35-MEL-IN)
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Price: $235.00
Monique Flush Mount Close Ceiling 2 Light (162-CCL-EP)

Price: $225.00
Victorian Low Ceiling Light With Amber Shade (96-MP2-CCL)

Price: $225.00
Victorian Low Ceiling Light With Frosted Shade (96-MP1-CCL)

Price: $225.00
Monique Flush Mount Close Ceiling Light (161-MCCL)

Price: $185.00
Close Ceiling Light Schoolhouse Style, Semi-Flush Mount with 6" Fitter (18-CCL-6F)
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Choice of Finishes

Price: $135.00
Close Ceiling Light, Schoolhouse Style with 4" Fitter  (17-CCL-4F)
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Choice of Finishes

Price: $128.00
Victorian Oval Canopy Short Ceiling Light Semi Flush Mount (ZA-501)

Price: $95.00

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