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Furniture Lock Latches and Escutcheons

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Our locks, latches, bolts and escutcheons are perfect as replacements on restoration projects, or to add quality details on new projects. All locks and latches are manufactured in high quality brass, with durable lock mechanisms designed to last. And we all know, it never hurts to have a spare key around.
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Vintage or Contemporary Mortised Brass Flush Bolt 3 1/2" x 1/2" (L-13)

Price: $15.50
Deadbolt 1/2" By 2 5/8" Variety Of Finishes (L-39S)

Price: $27.50
Style Small Surface Mounted Lock with Key (S-1)

Price: $23.33
Round Barrel Composition Lock & Keys (S-10)

Price: $17.80
Antique Style Full Mortise Cabinet Lock (S-13)

Price: $37.85
Large Surface Mounted Lock with Key (S-2)

Price: $29.15
Half Mortise Lock with Key 2" Wide (S-3)

Price: $23.33
Half Mortise Lock W/ Key - 2 1/2" Wide (S-4)

Price: $25.28
Half Mortise Lock with Key - 3" Wide By 1 1/2" Long (S-5)

Price: $25.28
Half Mortise Lock 3" by 1 7/8" Long with Key (S-6)

Price: $25.28
Large Half Mortise Box or Chest Lock - 3 1/2" By 2 1/4" (S-7)

Price: $30.48
Small Brass Box Lock & Key - 1 1/2" By 1" (S-8)

Price: $25.54
Small Half Mortise Lock & Key 2" by 1 1/4" (S-9)

Price: $25.54
Left Hand Wardrobe Lock With Skeleton Key (S-A11L)

Price: $34.64
Right Hand Wardrobe Door Lock & Key (S-A11R)

Price: $34.64
Brass Catch Plate Only For A Wardrobe Lock (S-A11X)

Price: $8.13
Small Jewelry Box Lock & Key (S-A12)

Price: $27.50
American Style Left Hand Lock with Key (S-A3L)

Price: $25.93
American Style Right-Hand Lock with Key (S-A3R)

Price: $25.93
American Style Long Brass Lock with Key (S-A6B)

Price: $31.13
Steel American Style Long Lock w/ Key (S-A6S)

Price: $31.13
Small 2" Cabinet Or Cupboard Extruded Brass Bolt (T-110A)

Price: $8.50
Vintage Antique Style Windsor Pattern Transom Window Latch (ZB-58)

Price: $46.80
Victorian Shutter Latch Circa 1870 (ZE-15)

Price: $54.60
Unusual Aesthetic Window Latch Circa 1870 (ZLW-159WL)
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Price: $46.80
Plain Slide Bolt With Porcelain Knob (ZLW-212)

Price: $36.40
Vintage Antique Style Transom Window Latch (ZB-58ND)
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Price: $46.80
Extra Short Deadbolt 1 1/2" Long With 3/4" Backset (L-39XS)

Price: $25.00
Vintage Antique Style Transom Window Latch (ZB-58NDA)

Price: $46.80

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