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12 inch 2G11 Dimmable LED (12-2G11-X)
Price: $34.00
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Kelvin Temperature:
Warm White 2700K
Bright White 5000K
12 inch 2G11 Dimmable LED (12-2G11-X)

12-2G11-2  2700°K Warm White 12 Watt LED Tube Dimmable for 2G11 Fitter

12-2G11-5  5000°K Bright White 12 Watt LED Tube Dimmable for 2G11 Fitter

Strong 2G11 tubes for either new installation, or replacement of 2G11 fluorescent bulbs.  All tubes come with either a bright sun day color...which is 5000ºK temperature/color, or an incandescent color which is a bit more yellow and has a Kelvin temperature of 2700ºK.

These 2G11 tubes are self ballasted, so you just need the correct socket, but not a ballast.  Please note the wiring of the 2G11 socket for the best results.  There is simply a jumper between the two poles that used to go to the ballast for fluorescent bulbs.

Best of all...these tubes are totally dimmable.  And they work great with our recommended Lutron dimmer.

Technical Information:

  • Power (W):  12 watts
  • Voltage:  AC85-265v
  • Lumen Output:  1250 lumens
  • Power Factor:  ≥0.90
  • CRI (Ra):  Ra>75
  • Beam Angle:  150º
  • Lifespan:  30,000 to 50,000 hours
  • Temperature:  -40ºC to +50ºC
  • Specifications:  322 mm x 38 mm x 27 mm
  • Dimmable?:  Yes

Since heat is the enemy of LED life, our 2G11 tubes all have an aluminum heat-sink backing with a clear plastic lens over the top.  This ensures the absolute BEST heat transference and light output.

We recommend using our Lutron CL LED dimmers.   If dimming is not utilized, these bulbs just come on full power and stay there.

Our stock numbers are indicative of what you are ordering.  The first number is the wattage...then comes 2G11 to define the type of base...then the Kelvin color of the light...either a 2 for 2700ºK, or a 5 for 5000ºK.


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