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Art Deco Wall Sconces Fixtures Slip Shade Fleur De Lis Series by Lincoln (45-MDS-OR)
Price: $325.00
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Polished Brass & Orange Shade
Polished Brass & Frosted Shade
Antique Brass Finish & Orange Shade
Antique Brass Finish & Frosted Shade
Nickel Plated & Orange Shade
Nickel Plated & Frosted Shade
Pewter Finish & Orange Shade
Pewter Finish & Frosted Shade
Art Deco Wall Sconces Fixtures Slip Shade Fleur De Lis Series by Lincoln (45-MDS-OR)

45-PL-OR  Polished Unlacquered Brass with Orange Shades
45-PL-FS  Polished Unlacquered Brass with Frosted Shade 

45-MDS-OR  Antique Brass Finish with Orange Shades
47-MDS-SF  Antique Brass Finish with Frosted Shade 

48-MDS-OR  Nickel Plated with Orange Shade
46-MDS-FS  Nickel Plated with Frosted Shade

45-ZMDS-OR  Pewter Finish with Orange Shade
45-ZMDS-FS  Pewter Finish with Frosted Shade

Originally made by Lincoln Lighting, at the height of the slip shade era, circa 1935.  Our Fleur de Lis reproductions are cast from original antiques, both the fixture and the shade.

Lost Wax Cast brass fixture, with either an antique brass finish (pictured), lacquered to preserve the patina, polished unlacquered brass or nickel plated.  Now available in pewter finish, cast in white metal.


  • Height:  13 ½"
  • Width:  5 ½"
  • Projection:  Approximately 6 ½" measured at the fullest part of the shade.
  • Wattage:  One socket, rated for up to 100 watts.

Look also for matching 5 light and 6 light chandeliers, and a 2 light pendant.

If you own an original Fleur de Lis sconce and need a replacement shade, click HERE.


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