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Victorian Light - Neo Rococo Cupid Center Starr Fellows Gasolier C 1856 (925-QAG-RC)
Price: $2,950.00
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Polished Brass Finish
Antique Brass Finish
Victorian Light - Neo Rococo Cupid Center Starr Fellows Gasolier C 1856 (925-QAG-RC)

925-QAG-RC Gaslight Reproduction Neo Rococo Cupid Center Starr Fellows Gasolier C 1856 in Polished Brass

925-QAG-DK Neo Rococo Cupid Center Gasolier in Antique Brass Finish

Rod-hung gas chandeliers (gasoliers) were popular roughly between 1850 to 1860. They were made with as few as 3 rods and as many as 5 rods.

We have attributed our four rod reproduction to Starr, Fellows & Co., New York due to the cupid support spinnings which are identical to our other documented Starr, Fellow lights.

The Starr, Fellows catalog of 1857, illustrates both 3 rod and 4 rod supported fixtures. One of these also has the identical rod decorative element as our fixture. The center figure is of a kneeling cupid with poised bow.

The bottom bowl and arms are one single fine lost wax casting just like the original. No one makes this difficult, quality reproduction like we do. Such chandeliers were chosen for Victorian dining rooms to stimulate conversation. What a romantic bedroom chandelier even for a contemporary home!

This fixture is shown in the polished, unlacquered brass as it was originally manufactured. Our experienced technicians can hand-finish the brass to an antique brass patina.

The fitter size is an authentic 2 5/8" early gas type. Now 10 shade choices on the shade page. Shades sold separately. We picture a lead glass trumpet shade , a faithful reproduction shade. You may also use genuine antique shades with a 2 5/8" fitter size.

To complement this fixture, keep with the mythology theme with our Mercury sconce , with similarly detailed base.Or add light in your entry and staircase with our cupid newel post light . Another gaslight chandelier with matching gas key to Cupid is our 656-EL-5L , offering up to 500 watts of light. Don't forget the plaster ceiling medallion to finish off your period home with flair.


This fixture is 40" tall-which can only be shortened by cutting all four rods and re-tapping them. It has a spread of 29". The fixture's weight is 35 lbs.

Up to 400 Watts incandescent


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